The project “PEM for the medical field” promoted by Lombardia Region and MIUR was concluded

On the 31st of March 2015 the project “PEM for the medical field” was concluded. It represented a progress in the field of industrial research and avant-garde development in strategic areas promoted by the Lombardy Region and by MIUR (d.d.u.o. 29lug2011 n.7128). Enki was the leader of this project.

The scope of the project was the possibility to extrude multi lumen tubes in metal powder feedstock and develop a metal multilumen micro extruded tube capable of conveying additional fluids, granting the separation between the lumens.

The tube was achieved using an innovative machine engineered and developed within the project that allows extrusion and molding in MIM feedstock or thermoplastic and is capable of molding silicon. With this machine it has been possible to develop seamless tubes, mono, bi and four layered tubes; with external diameter of about 3mm and internal lumen diameter of about 0,7mm.

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