• ENKI is the ideal structure for the development and manufacturing of customized microtubes, microballoons, and microcomponents.

    To offer this, technology and knowhow are the binomium needed to be on the cutting edge of FEA engineering and designing, rapid-prototyping of customized medical and electromedical devices, and microcatheters. Innovative devices can be developed thanks to a long-lasting cooperation with Italian and foreign Research Centres.

    ENKI has been manufacturing catheters for oncology, gynecology, assisted fertilization, hemodynamic, tracheotomy, pneumology, urology, endoscopy, neurosurgery radiology, (electrified and not).

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  • ENKI is extraordinary when prototyping, thanks to its: flexibility, short lead time when developing projects and problem solving capacity, all this must be added to its know how of anatomical sites, plastic materials and manufacturing processes. Our Company is also extremely competent when manufacturing, thanks to precision and high quality with which the devices are developed and assembled.

  • ENKI is a complete unit able to offer its knowhow to the customers.

    We offer several proposals for the same project development, and what makes Enki different from other Units is that we are willing to develop only the prototype or small quantities of products.

  • ENKI works together with physicians and Universities’ hospital departments aiming to develop state of the art devices according to the pathologies to be treated; our goal is to improve medical procedures in order to treat the patient’s pathology in the least invasive and traumatic way.