ENKI supports Epygon in the cardiac surgery arena


Enki S.r.l. continues its journey of growth in the cardiac surgery arena alongside an R&D start-up company (Epygon sas) in developing its “delivery system”. Epygon company is focused on the development of a mitral bioprosthetic heart valve implantable with less invasive techniques. The Epygon bioprosthesis is indicated for valve replacement in patients with severe mitral regurgitation frequently associated with a poor left ventricular function. The Epygon’s bioprosthesis can be delivered to the implant site via antegrade (transatrial/transeptal) or retrograde (transapical) “off-pump” by means of a transcatheter procedure.
The Epygon’s Transapical Delivery System has been co-developed by Enki and Epygon R&D teams, which have closely worked in designing the device